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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

dialed tweakers

cycling is a small world full of cliques and subcultures.

from the same small corner of the world, we have two gentleman cyclists lets call 'outliers.'

i'd like to issue a warning concerning this next video from our bVm news affiliates over at the team robot :

Team Robot Editor's Note:

Team Robot in no way condones the use of the words "fixie," "fixie lifestyle," "one gear one life," "track bike barspin," or any other words that conjure up images of wannabe poor urbanite 20, 30, or 40 somethings who try to extend their adolescence as long as possible with things like awkwardly tight jeans, messenger bags, and v-neck t-shirts.

So just to clarify:

Fixed gear=bad

Chris Akrigg=good

bum confession 2:

i once owned/rode a trials bike, and it hurt my back.

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