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Friday, September 4, 2009

bum VS dirtpile

point bum.

"what am i going to ride on this sweet dirtpile?"

well, for starters, your bike.

what you learn from pumping your bike on the dirtpile will only help your on-trail shred.

if you want to get tech, or just need an excuse for a new bike, a "dual slalom" or "dirtjump" bike, geared or SS, is the weapon of choice for dirtpile shred.

steep slammed geometry with a short wheel base, if you're about performance.

you can spend $600-$2300 for one of these steeds outthebox, or just shred your little sister's bike like a champion.

let's take a look at some examples of sweet dirtpile bikes:

TonicFab Howie:

Kona Shonky ($899)

some guy is selling a santa cruz jackal for cheap in the mt. express, which would work well too.

i'll try to continue the examples throughout the week to keep the pump stoke high.

oh, and if you were running at six on the saddle road connector singletrack with your stupid armband ipod cranked too loud to hear me yelling 'on your left' for the last 200 yards- i hate you (just not as much as fixies and their riders).

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