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Monday, September 14, 2009

scott usa product launch/ bum VS dirtpile update

cam over at nsmb just posted an article about scott usa's product launch back in june.

here are two pics from cam at the voltage launch over on lower river:

sweet pedal flectors!

milking lower riv for all she's got...

imagine if we'd had a real park on lower riv for the product launch.

maybe silas would be shredding a gigantic berm in that showtime corner instead of the subtle horseshoe it is now, and kyle would be riding down those rocks on a black diamond trail instead of turning them into some stupid jib.

what a concept!

gravity logic just issued a new helmet cam of their product.

how about a little of this first trail down skier's right of lower riv, with something resembling the second trail tucked in the north facing trees below roundhouse?

pump track is on hold for inter-the-dragon bike, tbc on the 28th of september.

bumVSmountain- bringing you the future.

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