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Sunday, November 8, 2009

bum VS apocalypse PART II

we regret to inform you that intense has created a 29er DH bike.

flatbar- hmm, why would you need a flatbar on a 29" DH bike?

or to drop the dorado to 7", for that matter?

29er MTX's- get out!

you fancy-type niner boys should be smooth enough to ride tiny rims 4evers.

we may need to start a public shame spin-off blog once this abomination and the lenz go public, a la 'hot chicks with douchebags."

i would expect this sort of thing from tony ellsworth, but c'mon steber!

don't try and tell me that this is going to do for the sport what the m1 did for dh racing back in the 90's.

i'll believe it when palmer shows up to a national on one.

what a waste of resources.

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